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LIFE Waders for Real – project conference

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Fox not deterred in laser trial

As part of the animal deterrent trials at Campanarios de Azaba (Salamanca, Spain), different mammals are being filmed and their reactions to the laser signals. It is hard to film the animals as they are very shy of humans, but in this case a video of a fox could be made. As can be seen the animal only seems to react to the laser towards the end of the video, but in any case the evidence is not conclusive. Similar reactions have been observed in the trials with other mammals, sometimes they seem to become aware of the signal and move away, but other times they don’t seem to notice it and hence continue their path.

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New trials of Laser Fence with big mammals in Campanarios de Azaba, Salamanca, Spain

As part of the preparations for the wolf trials, Fundación Hombre y Naturaleza was able to record how deers are responding to the green light handheld laser.

It has been a real achievement to be able to film these wild animals this close to the laser as naturally they are very shy. This footage helps us to better understand their reaction to it. This is an exciting achievement and we are really motivated to continue working with these and other animals and obtain more evidence as to their reaction the coming time.


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New training for Laser Fence drone operations

This week IRIS was glad to incorporate Alejandro Gonzalez as its newest pilot. Together with Santiago Martínez they trained a few days in and around Viana to test IRIS’ drones, camaras and software systems.

Particular attention of course for the Laser Fence handheld and its functionality. Soon, the autonomous system will be sent to IRIS to start the large scale trials in Galicia.