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New trials of Laser Fence with big mammals in Campanarios de Azaba, Salamanca, Spain

As part of the preparations for the wolf trials, Fundación Hombre y Naturaleza was able to record how deers are responding to the green light handheld laser.

It has been a real achievement to be able to film these wild animals this close to the laser as naturally they are very shy. This footage helps us to better understand their reaction to it. This is an exciting achievement and we are really motivated to continue working with these and other animals and obtain more evidence as to their reaction the coming time.


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New training for Laser Fence drone operations

This week IRIS was glad to incorporate Alejandro Gonzalez as its newest pilot. Together with Santiago Martínez they trained a few days in and around Viana to test IRIS’ drones, camaras and software systems.

Particular attention of course for the Laser Fence handheld and its functionality. Soon, the autonomous system will be sent to IRIS to start the large scale trials in Galicia.


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Installation of Blue LIFE Laser Fence prototype in Wölferlingen.

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On the 2nd of October, Joep Everaers and Maarten van Dam, engineers of Bird Control Group, travelled to Wölferlingen in Germany to install a Blue Life Laser Fence prototype. The prototype emits a blue light and is capable of performing on-site installed patterns. The system is placed on the edge of a field frequently visited by boar and deer during the night. Next to the installation site a corn field is located, which is the reason why wild boar visit this particular spot.

Along with the system, Bird Control Group will monitor the reaction and amount of animals in the area. Every two weeks engineers will visit the site to collect footage taken by wildtrap cameras and perform a standard maintenance visit on the laser. The first weeks the system will not operate and emit blue laser light. After these first weeks we will start with examining the reactions of animals to the blue installed patterns. Everyone in the LIFE Laser Fence project is  eager to see what kind of an effect this system will have on the wildlife and so the protection of valuable crops in Wölferlingen.

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Ninth steering committee meeting of the LIFE Laser Fence project

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On September 9th and 10th, the ninth steering committee meeting of the LIFE Laser Fence project was held in Liverpool. Representatives of CUARTEROLA, CUCANOCHE, EOLOARROZ, BCG, VOLTERRA, LJMU attended. Neil Wilkie, the monitor responsible for the LIFE Laser Fence Project also joined us these two days.

During the first day, each partner presented the progress and the trials they have been working on and the plans for the last months of the project. Topics such as the possibility of automating the use of lasers and the consequences of this in terms of security were also discussed. The next replications trials were planned with the new laser colours that BCG is now facilitating.

After lunch, three of the farms that are collaborating on the project were visited. LJMU showed us the situation of one of its lasers in a rat walk and we have already observed the first responses of these animals to the laser. This site is really important for the project as it fulfils one of the most important objectives of the project, the decrease in the use of rodenticides.

On the second day, a zoom meeting was held with the partners who could not travel to Liverpool and we finished the meeting visiting the laboratories of the University.

Many thanks to the LJMU for organizing the Ninth SCM.