This project aims to contribute to the reduction of the impact of chemicals on fauna by the minimization of exposure to toxic chemicals by using a safe laser system named, Agrilaser

  1. Demonstrate that the technology allows for the use rodenticide to be eliminated in the two participating areas compared to the situation before the project: Scotland (0.006 kg/month) and Spain: (0.005kg/month)
  2. Savings of around 1 620 kg of rodenticide over three years (9 000 ha), with an anticipated 4 860 kg saved from entering the trophic chain three years after the project
  3. Demonstrate that the Agrilaser technology allows for a significantly lower exposure of birds to herbicides and pesticides by 80% in the project areas
  4. Enhanced ecosystem services, notably an increase in biodiversity, by preventing poison entering the trophic chain
  5. CO2 emissions reduction as a consequence of rodenticide reductions;
  6. Decrease in crop losses caused by animal intrusion in the protected agricultural fields by 50%
  7. Increased awareness and dissemination of alternative methods for reducing the use of chemicals to control animals damaging agricultural production, and the impact of chemical in the environment (e.g. health, biodiversity)