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Maintenance visit of BCG in Wolferlingen

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On Thursday 25th of January 2018 one of Bird Control Group’s certified installer visited BCG’s test location for regular maintenance. The Life Laser Fence laser system has been operating for 3 weeks. These first weeks of testing are about confirming the animal species involved and confirming if the area is suitable to start monitored tests and if adjustments are necessary. During these 3 weeks, wildlife camera’s recorded animal activity. Different animal species were already identified by the images and videos recorded from the camera’s. At least multiple wild boars, a fox, a deer and crows are identified. More appropriate video footage need to be obtained and need to be analyzed to study the behavior of the animals identified. During every maintenance visit, BCG will reallocate the camera’s and reinstall laser projections when necessary.

Fig. 1: Fox

Fig. 2: Wild Boar

Fig. 3: Crows

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Dissemination visit to Agrovina fair Switzerland

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Bird Control Group attended an Agriculture exhibition, visited by companies, agriculturists and other interested parties particularly involved in European vineyards and orchards. Sibylle Giraud, Sales manager of Bird Control Group had the opportunity of discussing the LIFE Laser Fence project at a stand which was shared with another company; IRRIP Irrigation.

Interested people discussed which animals are a nuisance in their industries. Damage is caused the most by wild pigs and birds (starling or tits). The crop loss occurred at the companies is sometimes desperately accepted and therefore is not really quantified. Regarding the amount of money the companies are losing as a result of damage, and the methods they use to disperse the animals, the answers were very vague. People say that it depends on the year, time when they animals are picking the grapes, fruit, etc. So far, the solutions for dispersing have been fencing, netting or acoustics. Some people confirm that illegal methods as toxics and shooting are also still very common. However, most of all solutions are not fully efficient or convenient to the owner of a vineyard. Obviously, they are very interested in a laser solution and are happy to hear the first results of the Life Laser Fence project. People were asking about, photographing and discussing the Life Laser Fence banner that was present at the fair.

Sibylle Giraud spoke with many owners of vineyards/orchards and with the following interested associations also:

AMTRA – An organization that focuses on doing scientific studies within the agriculture sector.

L’ASVEI – (Association Suisse des vignerons Encaveurs indépendant). This organization has 600 membersrepresenting a third of the totality of the total wine production in Switzerland.

Bio Vaud – Organizing the biggest fair for Bio Vines in Switzerland, hence they are aware of problems, issues, challenges, structure of vineyards, etcetera.





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Notice boards for dissemination of Laser Fence

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Volterra has designed the notice boards which are a valuable tool to disseminate information about the project to indirect stakeholders and the wider public.

At five of the six trial sites the partners have placed a notice board with a description of the project in Spanish and English. Additionally, two project partners have placed a smaller sized copy (A3) of the notice board at their office in their respective working languages.

A pdf version of the notice boards is available through our download section.

Below you can see the installation of notice boards at our partners´ facilities and trial sites.


Fig.1 : Small notice board at Volterra’s facilities.

Fig.2 : Small notice board at IRIS’ facilities.

Fig.3 : Notice board at Cucanoche

Fig.4 : Notice board at Cuarterola

Fig.5 : Notice board at Aboyne

Fig.6 : Notice board at Wölferlingen.

Fig.7 : Notice board at Malpas.


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Steering committee meeting in Cuarterola

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On November 14th and 15th, the project partners met at the Cuarterola estate, owned by Ángel Camacho Group to evaluate the development of the project. During these days, the status of the different LIFE actions was examined, specially the preparation and implementation actions, in the presence of the EU monitoring officer, Neil Wilkie. The obstacles faced by the project were also addressed and the financial details of Laser Fence were discussed. Project members unable to attend in person also participated in the meeting via Skype.

Finally, several visits to the Ángel Camacho Group were conducted to see the lasers which are installed there, and the products offered by the Group were tasted. The partners thank the Ángel Camacho Group for the excellent organization of the event.