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EU Life Laser Fence test field

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Employees of Bird Control Group including David van der Wal, Field Engineer and Joep Everaers, Project Manager of EU Life Laser Fence from Bird Control Group made a trip to the test field of the project in Wölferlingen, Germany on February 14. David and Joep visited the owner of the field and installed there one Life Laser Fence prototype with a few cameras attached to it. The cameras are meant to monitor the effect of the laser on wild boars. The cameras are set up in the way that they take a picture of the field every minute. It is planned that in a few weeks the project team of Bird Control Group will be able to gather reliable data from the camera monitoring based on activities and behavior of wild boars.

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Maintenance visit of BCG in Wölferlingen, Joep Everaers & Tomas Peeters

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Certified Installer Tomas Peeters and Project Manager Joep Everaers of Bird Control Group traveled to the Life Laser Fence test-site location in Wölferlingen, Germany. The Life Laser Fence Autonomic prototype has been operating there for already 10 weeks. Joep and Tomas went there to perform maintenance to the device and reposition cameras and wild-cameras. They concluded that the device was operating well, even though the weather was very cold last month. They obtained photographs and video footage from the cameras and wildtrap cameras which are going to be analysed on animal’s behavior and reactions to the laser at the office of Bird Control Group in the Netherlands. For now it can be confirmed that the location is rich on animal species like wild boar, deer, rabbit, fox and multiple common bird species. They all have been spotted in the area around the system.



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Maintenance visit of BCG in Wolferlingen

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On Thursday 25th of January 2018 one of Bird Control Group’s certified installer visited BCG’s test location for regular maintenance. The Life Laser Fence laser system has been operating for 3 weeks. These first weeks of testing are about confirming the animal species involved and confirming if the area is suitable to start monitored tests and if adjustments are necessary. During these 3 weeks, wildlife camera’s recorded animal activity. Different animal species were already identified by the images and videos recorded from the camera’s. At least multiple wild boars, a fox, a deer and crows are identified. More appropriate video footage need to be obtained and need to be analyzed to study the behavior of the animals identified. During every maintenance visit, BCG will reallocate the camera’s and reinstall laser projections when necessary.

Fig. 1: Fox

Fig. 2: Wild Boar

Fig. 3: Crows

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Notice boards for dissemination of Laser Fence

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Volterra has designed the notice boards which are a valuable tool to disseminate information about the project to indirect stakeholders and the wider public.

At five of the six trial sites the partners have placed a notice board with a description of the project in Spanish and English. Additionally, two project partners have placed a smaller sized copy (A3) of the notice board at their office in their respective working languages.

A pdf version of the notice boards is available through our download section.

Below you can see the installation of notice boards at our partners´ facilities and trial sites.


Fig.1 : Small notice board at Volterra’s facilities.

Fig.2 : Small notice board at IRIS’ facilities.

Fig.3 : Notice board at Cucanoche

Fig.4 : Notice board at Cuarterola

Fig.5 : Notice board at Aboyne

Fig.6 : Notice board at Wölferlingen.

Fig.7 : Notice board at Malpas.