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IRIS is able to graphically document the reaction of several roe deer to the Handheld Laser.

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Last July 7th, Santi (IRIS) and Nacho (Volterra), after many failed attempts in the last months, managed to record on video, the reaction of several roe deer to the Laser Fence system. The success of this event is threefold:

– It has been clearly documented, through a video produced by IRIS for the project partners, how these mammals react to the laser. On other occasions, the presence of the IRIS team involved an external agent that could influence the animal’s behaviour. In this case, the recording was successfully made at a distance of 700m.

– Simultaneously, it has been possible to take pictures with the animals’ drone and it has been decisive in the search for the animals.

– The effect of the drone’s noise when flying on the animals has been proven.

The success of the test lies in the selection of the work area by Nacho: San Martín de Humada (Burgos). On the other hand, the time, 6:00 a.m., was also a relevant element: the laser beam was visible at more than 1 km and it is the time when these animals graze in the agricultural plots near the forests.


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IRIS and Volterra spread the LASER FENCE project in Castilla y León.

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 IRIS and Volterra continue to disseminate the LIFE Laser Fence project through field demonstrations to different local entities, administrations and companies.

In recent days, taking advantage of the synergies of other joint projects, they can make the product known, specifically the Handheld Laser, among a large number of people. Among them are leaders of large companies such as Royal Dutch Shell (Dutch oil company), officials of the Junta de Castilla y León and owners and neighbors of the mountains of the northern area of Palencia.

The drones of the company IRIS are the great attraction in these demonstrations and capture the attention of a large number of people. In addition, the progressive population of wild boars in the area, makes grow that interest for all the technology of the project.

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Visit to farmers contacted in the FIMA

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Attendance at FIMA Zaragoza, by IRIS and Volterra, has made the project known to a large number of people. Several farmers have shown interest after the event and are offering their plots for the replication phase.

During the last month, several visits have been made to those interested, in different locations, in Spain, to study each situation individually (target animal or animals).

The main objective was to evaluate the suitability of the use of the Fence Laser system in each of these farms.

In addition, the trips have been used for testing with handheld equipment. Currently, both Volterra and IRIS have met with farmers, stockbreeders and technicians in Alcover (Tarragona), Tomiño (Pontevedra), Vilanova de Arousa (Pontevedra) and Aguilar de Campo (Palencia). In all cases, the acceptance of the system and its operation has been fabulous. We believe that, in the future, we will have a diverse range of plots to implement replication actions.

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IRIS starts testing with the yellow Handheld Laser.

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In the last two months, IRIS uav Services, together with partner Volterra Ecosystems, is carrying out different tests with the new yellow Handheld Laser manufactured by the BCG project partners.

The tests are carried out in agroforestry areas in the regions of Castilla y León (Salamanca, Palencia and Burgos) and Galicia (Ourense).

In the coming months, IRIS will prepare a technical report with the results that will be shared with the rest of the project partners.