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Final SCM online meeting with Project Officer

Sadly we can’t meet in Liverpool today, but still excited to share our #laserfence project results with our Project Officer and Monitor via zoom.@lifeprogramme @LJMU @IRIS_UAV @BirdControlG @Gameandwildlife — Volterra Ecosystems (@Volterra_ecosys) September 22, 2020

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Wolf packs are growing and causing damages in the Peninsula. Farmers are getting highly concerned.

Wolf packs are growing and causing damages in the Peninsula. Farmers are getting highly concerned. Wolf population is growing, around 340 wolf packs are now in freedom in Spain. This is good news for the recuperation of this specie from all the last centuries attacks; however, is causing important damages to livestock. Only in this

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Volterra and Fundacion Naturaleza y Hombre Visit Sierra de la Culebra Wolf center in Puebla de Sanabria, Zamora.

First visit to the Wolf Center in sierra de la Culebra. Volterra together with Fundacion Naturaleza y Hombre went to visit the Wolf Center. A meeting with the team that manage the three wolf packs of the centre, was carried out. The Laser security requirements and previous experience with other mammal species were discussed. Volterra

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Volterra visits Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre in Liérganes, Cantabria

Floris Vervaeke and Marta Múgica from Volterra Ecosystems, travel to Liérganes to meet Funación Naturaleza y Hombre and plan next month visit to the wolf study centre in Sierra de La Culebra. Carlos Sanchez director de la Fundación y Lorenzo García who was in charge of the Laser trials in Campanarios de Azaba, explained Marta

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CCTV work confirms camera trap findings on effects of laser on rabbits

LMJU University established a trap camera to identify the effect of the automatic laser on a field where the presence of rabbits was abundant. The power point below shows the interesting results that came out of this study. CCTV data on rabbits Bickley Hall Farm September blog MCS Now that the project is coming to

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New videos of animals response to the laser

Liverpool Jhon Moore University records the reaction of a fox to the handheld laser   LMJU University continue with their handheld laser trials. While badgers were the focus of this experiment, they were not the only animals to cross the laser’s path. Here we can see the handheld system successfully encouraging a fox to move

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