Working group on the Camacho Group´s farms to determine the trial areas.

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Working group on the Camacho Group´s farms to determine the trial areas.

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On April 25th and 26th members of the Camacho Group, BCG, Volterra and IRIS gathered at the Camacho Group’s facilities to determine the most relevant trial areas and possible locations of the lasers.

The first visit was to the rice farms that the company Eoloarroz has in the municipality of Isla Mayor, where the proximity to the Doñana Natural Park makes the influx of wildlife to the fields of cultivation is very high. In addition, the flooding of the cultivated land causes that the surrounding roads sometimes are not passable, reason why the location of the laser must be strategic.

The second day they visited the farms of Cuarterola and Cucanoche, where there are olive groves and arable land, and all necessary information was collected. In addition, the IRIS technician made flights with the dron on each of the farms in order to be able to properly select the locations of the lasers.

After the three visits and gathered all the necessary information, the attendees visualized the images and videos recorded, shared their impressions, and discussed the technical possibilities. Having selected the most appropriate points, it will be the BCG technicians who determine the most appropriate technical solutions.

During the introduction to the Agrilaser technology of technicians and workers of the Camacho Group

Working group for the election of test areas on the farms of the Camacho Group.


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