Development of Remote interlock switch for safe operations in the field

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Development of Remote interlock switch for safe operations in the field

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Bird Control Group is continuously looking for ways to improve the LIFE Laser Fence prototypes with regards to safety and security. Operating laser equipment in the fields requires some safety measures. Usually most measures from Bird Control Group and her products are sufficient for having a laser operational. For having these types of lasers operational in an unsupervised way, the area must be enclosed for the public to prevent possible exposure to laser light. Although some of the LIFE Laser Fence test locations are not, or cannot be, fully enclosed by for example fences. To have these systems operational, now some of the test locations have the devices operational while supervised. This takes a lot of effort and time from staff members of the test site.

Bird Control Group has been developing a LIFE Laser Fence remote control prototype for switching the systems on or off remotely. With these remote-control prototypes, test locations will be able to switch off one or multiple devices remotely when public may enter the area. This will potentially save a lot of time and effort from the staff, therefor still having time to do other activities in the vicinity of the system, but not sitting next to it. Most important, safe operations can continue for multiple systems.

The development of this remote-control prototype started in June 2018 and the first units will possibly be available for the first LIFE Laser Fence locations in August 2018.


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