End of trials in Wölferlingen

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End of trials in Wölferlingen

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Spring came in and it has already become summer. For ecology, the environment and the wildlife, this means a lot. Especially wild boars are leaving the woods in search for food in the fields. Now that the whole area is having plenty of food as a result of the sunny spring, wild boars don’t specifically go into the trial field anymore. Possible new trials at this location will start in the autumn.

Researchers of Liverpool John Moores University and Bird Control Group are now viewing and analyzing the video and photo material from the test site. This location is within a large Natura2000 area and contains plenty of wildlife. The camera footage is showing plenty of deer, wild boar, hare, fox and some different bird species. The researchers are now looking for footage where the LIFE Laser Fence laser is causing any reactions in the wildlife behavior. Sufficient reactions are a proper basis for drawing any conclusions from the trials.

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