Event at Vakbeurs Facilitair, Utrecht

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Event at Vakbeurs Facilitair, Utrecht

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A lot of facilities in the world experience animal nuisance. A lot of problems with animals can cause loss of resources, cause hygiene or safety issues or can damage facilities. Bird Control Group nowadays networks not only with agriculturists, but also with facility managers. Facilities that for example store grain or other food, can possibly attract a lot of animals.

Joep Everaers, Project manager at BCG for the LIFE Laser Fence project together with Sales and Customer support colleagues, Corné Sweep, Karlijn Eelvelt and Lisette van der Knaap, participated in the event dedicated to the facility managers – Vakbeurs Facilitair in Utrecht.  The event is organized to help facility managers to network, learn about new facility products and find solutions to the problems that they might experience at the site for example pest nuisance. Bird Control Group’s team spoke with facility managers and pest controllers that have animal issues on their rooftops, parking places and food storages. These facility managers experienced nuisance from all kinds of pest species such as rats, mice and birds. When the team of Bird Control Group presented the visitors a solution to repel birds and possibly pest animals in the future with the laser bird repellent, they were very enthusiastic to have such system themselves. Some other pest control companies present at the show were not aware of the LIFE Laser Fence project and are waiting to hear more about innovative products to prevent animals from intruding their facilities.


Bird Control Group Stand

LIFE Laser Fence Roll-up at the event

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