Installation of Blue LIFE Laser Fence prototype in Wölferlingen.

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Installation of Blue LIFE Laser Fence prototype in Wölferlingen.

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On the 2nd of October, Joep Everaers and Maarten van Dam, engineers of Bird Control Group, travelled to Wölferlingen in Germany to install a Blue Life Laser Fence prototype. The prototype emits a blue light and is capable of performing on-site installed patterns. The system is placed on the edge of a field frequently visited by boar and deer during the night. Next to the installation site a corn field is located, which is the reason why wild boar visit this particular spot.

Along with the system, Bird Control Group will monitor the reaction and amount of animals in the area. Every two weeks engineers will visit the site to collect footage taken by wildtrap cameras and perform a standard maintenance visit on the laser. The first weeks the system will not operate and emit blue laser light. After these first weeks we will start with examining the reactions of animals to the blue installed patterns. Everyone in the LIFE Laser Fence project is  eager to see what kind of an effect this system will have on the wildlife and so the protection of valuable crops in Wölferlingen.

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