IRIS already has vehicle for the project

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IRIS already has vehicle for the project

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On November 14 IRIS acquired the van that will allow them to travel to all areas of the LIFE Laser Fence project. The Mercedes, MARCO POLO ACTIVITY 180 CDI, was acquired from a company in Barcelona.

The vehicle has an electrical installation that allows the team to charge all equipment (computers, drones batteries, etc.) at location, and includes an external power outlet, 4 AC power sockets and several USB sockets, and all functions necessary for the team to carry out monitoring work in the field. The van will also be used as mobile office and communication point, from which monitoring data can be sent directly to the project partners.

Among other characteristics, the van has a large capacity rear cabin that will allow the transport of the three drones that the IRIS team will use during their visits to the different areas of the project.

Project´s van with LIFE logo and Project´s logo


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