IRIS visits Game & Wildlife Scottish Demostration Farm

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IRIS visits Game & Wildlife Scottish Demostration Farm

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On October 20, IRIS began its journey through the plots of the LIFE Laser Fence project. The team decided together with the partners in the United Kingdom, to initiate the trials on the plots located in Aboyne (Scotland). There they were received on the facilities of the Game & Wildlife Scottish Demostration Farm (GWSDF) by Marlies Nicolai and Dave Parish.

The two hosts showed IRIS staff the areas where the laser has been used so far (5 in total) and the farm facilities. Together, they planned the monitoring of the flights, defining 3 interesting intervals to take images with the drones: sunrise, noon and sunset.

Over the next 3 days, IRIS did a total of 8 satisfactory flights at different times of the day: noon, afternoon and evening. Due to the adverse weather conditions (rain and strong gusts of wind) during that period, it was not possible to complete the flights in the early morning hours before sunrise.

On the other hand, the great abundance of rabbits in the area, made it possible to accurately calibrate the flight parameters of the drones. With this information, the IRIS team will be able to plan the rest of the flights in the coming campaigns.

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