Life Laser Fence at LJMU Faculty of Engineering and Technology Research Week

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Life Laser Fence at LJMU Faculty of Engineering and Technology Research Week

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Research Week at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) at Liverpool John Moores University celebrates the significant contribution that postgraduate research students (PGRs) make to academic life, allowing students a platform to share their own research and gain valuable feedback. More than 150 PGRs participate in the event and welcome a range of external keynote speakers.

As part of the activities of this year’s Research Week, Some of the many research projects in the faculty were invited to have a stand display and explain their projects. This is a direct response to queries from PGR students who wanted to know a bit more about the many and varied areas of research where the FET is involved and the practical applications of the different areas of expertise.

LIFE Laser Fence was present at this year’s FET Research Week and attracted considerable attention from the research students. They clearly showed an understanding of the needs for systems like these, which can in an environmentally friendly manner deal with the problem of unwanted animals in agricultural settings.

Participation of PGRs also enhances understanding of current post-graduate research activity across the Faculty and promotes inter-faculty communication and research networks, providing students with the opportunity to support like-minded colleagues. The conference develops researching skills crucial to presenting, writing, poster preparation and communicating research to an audience.


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