CUCANOCHE part of holding company GRUPO ANGEL CAMACHO S.L., which was founded in 1897, and has become one of the world’s leading global olive industry players. ANGEL CAMACHO is also active in cereals, baby-food, jams and tea. In first instance ANGEL CAMACHO wanted to participate offering 3 farms with distinctive animal intrusion problems. Since each of these farms are run independently and have different VAT numbers it was decided to include them as separate partners.

CUCANOCHE is committed to implement sustainable management practices and has specialised its production for growing high quality cereal and protein crops. The company operates under a clear mission and their main priority consists of daily efforts to improve the quality of products and sustainability. Some examples of this commitment are the reduction and optimisation of water consumption, zero dumping of waste water and reduction of energy consumption or use of by-products to generate energy.

We consider the participation in the LIFE+ Laser Fence project as a chance to prove that the Agrilaser technology is an alternative to the chemical products used to control intrusion of rodents, such as mice and rabbits, in the fields because these animals are causing significant crop losses. Additionally, several scavengers and raptors have been poisoned due to the accidental intoxication when they fed on the rodents that have previously eaten the bait.

Furthermore, CUCANOCHE considers the participation in this project as a chance to increase society’s awareness of the sustainable management practices as well as an opportunity to benefit from working in an international environment.

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