Eoloaroz S.L

Eoloaroz S.L

EOLOARROZ S.L. is part of holding company GRUPO ANGEL CAMACHO S.L., which was founded in 1897, and has become one of the world’s leading global olive industry players. ANGEL CAMACHO is also active in cereals, baby-food, jams and tea. In first instance ANGEL CAMACHO wanted to participate offering 3 farms with distinctive animal intrusion problems. Since each of these farms are run independently and have different VAT numbers it was decided to include them as separate partners.

EOLOARROZ ´s main activity is the planting, nurturing and harvesting of crops of rice, through the use of sustainable management practices. Rice cultivation in Spain is one of the most important productions of which over 60% are produced in Andalusia and Extremadura.

EOLOARROZ is located in Andalucia and its production stands for quality and environmental commitment. The production fields are close to the Guadalquivir estuary, south of Seville, with delightful vision on how agriculture can successfully coexist with wildlife and promote biodiversity. Seville is the second largest rice producing area in Europe. The farms are literally interwoven with Doñana National Park, a world heritage site and biosphere reserves. Thousands of European and African migratory birds, fallow deer, and other species pass or stay here.

Therefore, EOLOARROZ and other farmers in the area treasure the wildlife and understand the need for a healthy, balanced approach to food production. Their practices can demonstrate that agriculture and wildlife can coexist, without any negative impacts on either of them.

We consider the participation in this project as a chance to increase society’s awareness on sustainable management practices as well as an opportunity to benefit from working internationally. EOLOARROZ is looking for implementing non-harmful methods to avoid the intrusion of animals when PPP treatments are being applied so as to inhibit potential intoxication of the animals as well as crop losses.

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