Maintenance visit of BCG in Wolferlingen

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Maintenance visit of BCG in Wolferlingen

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On Thursday 25th of January 2018 one of Bird Control Group’s certified installer visited BCG’s test location for regular maintenance. The Life Laser Fence laser system has been operating for 3 weeks. These first weeks of testing are about confirming the animal species involved and confirming if the area is suitable to start monitored tests and if adjustments are necessary. During these 3 weeks, wildlife camera’s recorded animal activity. Different animal species were already identified by the images and videos recorded from the camera’s. At least multiple wild boars, a fox, a deer and crows are identified. More appropriate video footage need to be obtained and need to be analyzed to study the behavior of the animals identified. During every maintenance visit, BCG will reallocate the camera’s and reinstall laser projections when necessary.

Fig. 1: Fox

Fig. 2: Wild Boar

Fig. 3: Crows

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