Meeting in BCG office in Delft

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Meeting in BCG office in Delft

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Egbert Sonneveld visited BCG in Delft to swap the old handheld laser for the new one with the necessary additional safety features. Project manager Joep Everaers received him and gave him some explanations and training on the improved device. Joep also updated Egbert on the latest developments on the trial site in Germany. The season finished there and the equipment is not operational at the moment. There is new trial planed after summer where Joep is planning to remain on site several days and make use of a handheld device.

Egbert and Joep also had a look at data collected being video material and log sheets filled in. There is no clear reaction to the laser by the animals yet so the ideas are now going towards making changes on the colour and the shape of the laser light.

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