Networking with Fundación Global Nature for LIFE Laser Fence

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Networking with Fundación Global Nature for LIFE Laser Fence

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This week Egbert Sonneveld and Sven Kallen visited the team of Fundación Global Nature at their Palencia office. We were welcomed by general director Eduardo de Miguel who is the driving force behind this NGO’s successful participation in more than 10 LIFE projects, among others in degraded wetlands and agricultural areas. Volterra and Global Nature have been involved in the past in restauration activities.

The team was especially interested in the laser of Volterra’s LIFE Laser Fence project to test it in their  Life Steppe Farming as part of mutual networking activities. In all of Castilla la Mancha the farmers complain about the damages of fauna, especially rabbits, to their crops. And even though they are interested to protect the environment, currently rodonticides and other chemical substances are used to try and curb this problem. After the initial trial stages of LIFE Laser Fence in Andalucia we will provide the laser to this project as part of networking and replication activities. The selected area is in La Guardia (Toledo), where the most forward thinking farmers of the LIFE Estepas project are located.

Egbert Sonneveld, Eduardo de Miguel and Sven Kallen in front of Global Nature’s Palencia office


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