New wolf trials en Sierra de la Culebra

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New wolf trials en Sierra de la Culebra

Volterra team returned to the wolf centre in Sierra de la Culebra  the 15th of December, to continue studing the effect of the laser beam in these animals.The trials were done together with the wolf management team of the centre. The trials were done at sunset at around 6.00 pm.

The wolf centre has currently three packs of wolfs of 7, 2 and 5 members. The trials were carried out with two of this wolf packs the 7 and 5 members one. As the last trial did not show the results that we expected, this time, the pack of 5 members was included in the trials.

In both of the wolf packs the blue laser and the green laser were used. In the first pack ( 7 members) the wolves did not react to the green laser beam, as it happened the last time. However, with the blue laser beam, they were able to see it and interacted with the light. In the second pack ( 5 members) the blue laser was the first used and it disturbed the animals, that started running, they could see it and they reacted to it. The green laser was used later and the wolves continued running.

These results do not provide any definitive evidence of the effect of the laser on wolves, more trials will need to be done to clarify wolf behaviour to the laser beam.


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