LIFE Laser Fence options in France.

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LIFE Laser Fence options in France.

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Sibylle Giraud, Sales Manager at Bird Control Group, visited several companies in France from April 4th to April 7th to discuss the options of the Laser Fence project.

On one side, with two cooperative groups for farming and food processing the problems which they have with birds, mainly in the winter, were discussed. With regards to their silo, birds come not only to eat the grains, the main problem is soiling between the time the grains are collect and dispatched. Another main problem they encounter with animals and for which they have so far not found any suitable solution, except the use of some chemical or traps, is mice as they are also soiling the cereals.

Currently these groups have a ‘think tank‘ together with the biggest French cereals companies to try to find a solution to address common problems and issues; birds and mice have been one of the topics. Hence both companies are very interested by the Laser Fence project and researches that are currently taking place.

Sibylle also met with the Environmental Director of a mid-sized French town. The town has had challenges for years with starlings, as they are migrating and ‘occupying’ the town, creating degradation and health hazards due to the droppings. The town has just approved to renovate the quay side; however, this area is where the birds are coming by thousands. So far, many technics, mainly acoustics or birds of prey have been tried, however the problem has still not been solved. Therefore, we are currently talking about potential trial with our Agrilaser technology.

Birds (pigeons and gulls) were constantly present on the site of a methane factory creating a nuisance. Three companies have joined effort to provide a solution: Cultivert (part of Triskalia), APA (pest controller) and Bird Control Group.

During the installation of the Agrilaser system and training, the Laser Fence project was a hot topic for discussion.

Triskalia, due to its core activities, is very interested in the LIFE EU Laser Fence project, as they have many challenges with animals on their different sites. They are regrouping 16,000 farmers, the turnover is 1.9 Billion in 2016 and employing 4800 staff on 280 different locations in Brittany.

APA, a pest control company, is looking for new solutions to combat pests in a non-chemical manner and very keen to see if the laser devices will be proven to be an effective repellent for different types of animals.


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