Rehearsals with wolves in the Sierra de la Culebra

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Rehearsals with wolves in the Sierra de la Culebra

Rehearsals with the wolves in the Sierra de la Culebra were finally carried out on September 28, Volterra and the Man and Nature Foundation visited "El Centro del Lobo Ibérico" (Robledo de Sanabria). The tests were conducted together with the veterinarian and the wolf management team of the center.

The Wolf Center currently has three herds of 7-, 2-, and 5-member wolves. The rehearsals were carried out with two of these wolf herds, the 7-member and the 2-member herds. The herd of 5 is a new family and the puppies were born last year, so it was not recommended to do the tests with them.

A green beam laser was used to develop these tests and were done in daylight around 11am.  The results were not as expected, the animals did not react to the laser. Wolf behavior experts explained that it may be because it is difficult for animals to see the laser during the day. Even though the project ended last month, Volterra will repeat the tests this winter during sunset to compare animal behavior because it is at this time of day that the number of attacks increases. This will also allow testing with the three herds of wolves, as the puppies will be bigger by then.

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