Replication tests continue in Campanarios

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Replication tests continue in Campanarios

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For several months our partner Volterra has been monitoring laser testing in cooperation with Naturaleza y Hombre Foundation (FNyH) in Campanarios de Azaba (Salamanca) nature reserve. Untill now the results have been irregular, with some animals reacting better than others. However, there is still a lack of consistency in the change of animals’ behavior. On the other hand, despite being target species, there have been some animals on which no replicas could be made with any type of laser, such as mongoose, genet and badger, despite being located by photo-trap cameras. The Volterra and FNyH teams will go on testing lasers of different colors in various circumstances (day, sunset, night) to keep learning about reaction patterns.

In the photo: a mongoose (left) and a genet (right) located with photo-traps cameras in Campanarios de Azaba.

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