Successful technical conference of LIFE Laser Fence in Liverpool

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Successful technical conference of LIFE Laser Fence in Liverpool

Successful LIFE Laser Fence Technical Conference

Laser Fence Technical Conference was held in John Moores University in Liverpool the 3rd and 4th of March. There was a wide range of speakers with different backgrounds and experience which made the event interesting for all the attendees which  were really interested on the topics presented and the discussions that the speakers generated brought up attractive topics to the public.

The event demonstrated the Agrilaser technology and explained the different trials that have been performed around Europe, but also other different technologies that could allowe agriculture to be greener. Here you can download the programme and the speaker bios.

Different issues were addressed both days, the first day were mainly talks from guests and the second one from Laser Fence partners (here you can see the videos and download the presentations).

Programme: Tuesday 3 March 2020

Day 1

  1. Prof. Paulo Lisboa – Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). Link to video
  2. Dr. Martin Sharp – LJMU. Link to video
  3. Steve Wheeler – Bird Control Group (BCG). Link to video
  4. Felipe Pizarro Ruiz – Angel Camacho Alimentacion SL. Link to the video
  5. Dr. Ruth Cox – Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA).
  6. Santiago Rodríguez (IRIS). Link to video
  7. Patrizia Onnis (LJMU)Link to video
  8. Martin Sharp (LMJU)Link to video

Day 2.

  1. Laura Bellinger ( LMJU). Link to video
  2. Martin Sharp (LMJU)Link to video
  3. Alex Moore and Jenny Sneddon  (LMJU). Link to video
  4. Dave Parish (GWSDF)Link to video
  5. Santiago Rodriguez (IRIS)Link to video
  6. Rafa CoveñasLink to video
  7. Jan Karssines (BCG)Link to video
  8. Jessica Magnus (EU LIFE Program).
  9. Marta Múgica (Volterra)Link to video

Thank you so much to everyone for attending the conference!

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