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Testing in the farm of Cucanoche

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In the farm of Cucanoche, most of the trials have been directed to test the operation of the autonomic laser system over mammals, especially rabbits.

The rabbits are small mammals that in some places of our peninsula can get to be considered like plagues, creating devastating damages in the cultures, and consequently, bringing numbers and numerous economic losses.

Unfortunately, until now we have not obtained reliable information that indicates a positive response from these small mammals to the application of this system. Even so, the trials will continue the next months to work with different amounts of ambient light and different moments in the life cycles of these animals.

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Laser Programming in Cucanoche

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After the sowing of the oat crop in the Cucanoche farm, the autonomic laser has been programmed to sweep the area prepared for that purpose. In order to analyze the behavior of rabbits before the exposure of the laser beam, an area close to the burrows has been chosen. As a safety measure, the area has been delimited with tapes, besides the danger signs.

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IRIS performs the first flights at the facilities of Ángel Camacho (Seville)

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During the first days of December IRIS started flights in Spain on the estates that the Angel Camacho Group has in Cuarterola and Cucanoche, both in Seville. It is in these estates where the Angel Camacho Group has installed two of its three autonomous lasers, on two towers of several meters high.

Despite the bad environmental conditions, IRIS was able to successfully complete the flights over the areas of influence of lasers, indicated by the technical team of Angel Camacho and CUDEMA.

Due to the poor state of the terrain, caused by the heavy rains, the IRIS and Ángel Camacho teams decided not to fly over Eoloarroz, the third farm where one of the autonomous lasers has been installed.


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Notice boards for dissemination of Laser Fence

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Volterra has designed the notice boards which are a valuable tool to disseminate information about the project to indirect stakeholders and the wider public.

At five of the six trial sites the partners have placed a notice board with a description of the project in Spanish and English. Additionally, two project partners have placed a smaller sized copy (A3) of the notice board at their office in their respective working languages.

A pdf version of the notice boards is available through our download section.

Below you can see the installation of notice boards at our partners´ facilities and trial sites.


Fig.1 : Small notice board at Volterra’s facilities.

Fig.2 : Small notice board at IRIS’ facilities.

Fig.3 : Notice board at Cucanoche

Fig.4 : Notice board at Cuarterola

Fig.5 : Notice board at Aboyne

Fig.6 : Notice board at Wölferlingen.

Fig.7 : Notice board at Malpas.