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Training of BCG engineers to modify LIFE Laser Fence prototypes

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Following from the trials with handheld lasers with different wavelengths, the next step in testing with a different laser wavelength is here. For the permanent trials in the field in Europe, modified versions of the LIFE Laser Fence prototype will be installed at the LIFE Laser Fence trial locations. As preparation for these tests, two engineers of Bird Control Group, Casper Donkervoort and Jan Karssies are trained to replace a green laser for a blue laser in the devices. The engineers had a training in engineering and modifying the components inside the prototype. The modified version of the LIFE Laser Fence prototype can easily be recognized by the blue-painted sunshroud. This is to distinguish the modified devices from the original prototypes. During the training the first device is modified. Soon Jan and Casper will visit the (replication) trial locations in Germany, England, Scotland and Spain to replace and install the modified versions of the laser. Bird Control Group together with the partners are very curious about the impact that a permanently installed prototype with blue laser will have in the short and long term. Results of the handheld trials and the replication trials will be compared to determine the difference.