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Nutriprado in Portugal asks for help from the Life Laser Fence team

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Nutriprado is a grower of sunflower sowing seed for a multinational company. Every year there is up to 20% crop loss because of house sparrows eating the seeds in the crop. Nutriprado is spending a lot of efforts and money on getting these losses under control. Through a networking meeting with another Life project they came to know about Life Laser Fence and they asked Volterra to help finding a solution. Egbert Sonneveld visited the sites in Elvas together with Vasco Andreu from Nutriprado. Vasco explained that he employs 60 persons during 2 months every year who shoot with blanks from early morning till late evening. The noise problems and the excessive use of gun powder are less and less acceptable for the Portuguese authorities, neighbours and other stakeholders. Egbert already contacted Joep Everaets from BCG to discuss the problem and eventual solutions. Joep was sceptical about the safety issues in the area. Egbert also discussed the problem with drone expert and Life Laser Fence partner Santiago Martinez to think of a solution with UAV’s