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Laser bird repellent trials

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Employees from Bird Control Group, Joep Everaers, Project manager for BCG in the LIFE Laser Fence project, and Loïc Jacquemin, Certified Installer, went to Wölferlingen to do an assessment of the location for the replication trials. The new location is similar to the previous one where the green automatic laser LIFE prototype is tested. Both locations are similar in vegetation, and amount and types of animals that inhabit in the area. The land owner of the new location is willing to help with assisting the Bird Control Group team where it is needed during the project.

Besides visiting the new trial location, Joep and Loïc tested different laser colors on wildlife during the night. They stayed around the location and waited for wildlife to show themselves. Whenever an animal showed up, at that moment they tried to force a reaction to the laser from the animal and record it with night vision equipment. The goal was to find out the reaction of wild animals on different laser colours. The final results will be shared later once all footage is analysed. At the same time EU Life Laser Fence researchers are working to confirm their findings from trials and experiments in 2018.