Testing of Agrilaser Autonomic Commences at Shotwick Test Site

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Testing of Agrilaser Autonomic Commences at Shotwick Test Site

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On 1 June 2017, the team at LJMU set up their first Agrilaser system in the field at Shotwick, Cheshire. The team are very excited to see the results of their first set of trials, which are primarily to understand some of the practical issues of having the laser system operating completely autonomously around the clock. The system is configured with a solar panel and battery option, which means that it can operate without mains connection for extended periods.

The ongoing trial, expected to conclude around 26 June 2017, will give information regarding the expected run-time of the system in its present configuration, as well as the impact on livestock in its proximity. Monitoring is performed using motion activated trail cameras, and footage reviewed weekly by the team. This data will be very helpful in the anticipated rollout of the system to LJMU’s second test site, Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s Bickley Hall, where the system must cope with a wider variety of pest species and larger areas of land.

Dr Martin Sharp configuring the Agrilaser sweep pattern using the supplied software from Bird Control Group.


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