Visit to Biocultura to promote Laser Fence

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Visit to Biocultura to promote Laser Fence

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Today, Sven Kallen of Volterra Ecosystems and Santiago Martínez of IRIS uav services, visited a number of stands at Biocultura Madrid. Many of the, especially larger, producers were very open to consider using lasers for animal intrusion prevention. As these companies are producing organically they cannot apply any chemicals on their fields. Some farmers explained that they use specific herbs and bushes to deter animal intrusion, but they admit that the results are very poor. If animal welfare can be guaranteed by this innovative solution most contacts would be happy to experiment with the lasers in their fields. They will be contacted again in 2017 when the first trials have been finished. Furthermore, a meeting was arranged with two representatives of a LIFE project that just finished (LIFE Crops for Better Soil) to discuss offering the Laser fence solution to the participating farmers who all have similar issues, especially with rabbits, corzo (deer) and wild hogs. Finally Kallen and Martínez discussed the upcoming trip to several fields of the Camacho group in Sevilla and the status of IRIS preparatory actions.

In the pictures: Sven & Santi before entering the fair and together with Profesor Juan Pablo del Monte of UPM and Pedro Alonso of Transati/Beral, partners in the LIFE 10 Crops for Better Soil project.


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