Visit to farmers contacted in the FIMA

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Visit to farmers contacted in the FIMA

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Attendance at FIMA Zaragoza, by IRIS and Volterra, has made the project known to a large number of people. Several farmers have shown interest after the event and are offering their plots for the replication phase.

During the last month, several visits have been made to those interested, in different locations, in Spain, to study each situation individually (target animal or animals).

The main objective was to evaluate the suitability of the use of the Fence Laser system in each of these farms.

In addition, the trips have been used for testing with handheld equipment. Currently, both Volterra and IRIS have met with farmers, stockbreeders and technicians in Alcover (Tarragona), Tomiño (Pontevedra), Vilanova de Arousa (Pontevedra) and Aguilar de Campo (Palencia). In all cases, the acceptance of the system and its operation has been fabulous. We believe that, in the future, we will have a diverse range of plots to implement replication actions.

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