Volterra visits the Grupo Camacho farms

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Volterra visits the Grupo Camacho farms

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Egbert Sonneveld and Sven Kallen of Volterra have recently visited the head office of the Grupo Camacho, in Southern Spain, in order to discuss the project activities with the company´s head of field activities, Felipe Pizarro.

During the visit, the Volterra team was able to see the potential project trial sites and get an idea of the damages that birds and small mammals cause to the agricultural fields. Mr. Pizarro had already gathered all information that is needed to select the most appropriate locations to place the Agrilaser system, and expects to be visited by the technicians of BCG soon. Additionally, the Volterra team executed a small trial with the Agrilaser Handheld, in which they could reaffirm its repelling effect on birds.

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